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Microservices vs. Service Oriented Application: Who Can Tell the Difference?

information-technologyWith the continued focus on enterprise architecture, there has also been increased focus on service oriented architectures and microservices. The persistent emphasis has led to the heightened debate surrounding whether or not SOA and microservices are the same thing.

Reality Check contributor Rob Tiberio shares the heart of the matter; “microservices are more agile and independent than SOA.” In his feature article “Microservices are Not the Same as SOA,” Tiberio continues his series on microservices and their benefits.

Explaining how he sees “microservices as the new, agile and flexible approach to enterprise development,” Tiberio also explains that SOA and Microservices share a pattern:

• Both are based on the concept of a service.
• Both ideally separate the interface exposed to a caller from the implementation.
• Both represent the construct of an Application Programming Interface (API) within the context of a larger system.

The inherent difference between SOA and microservices is that microservices are not dependent on other components or other microservices. Their independent construction allows architectures built with microservices more agility and speed, contributing to an overall cost mitigation in data management practices.

Ultimately the increased speed and agility makes the benefits of implementing fully automated microservices paramount in these times of strapped budgets.

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