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Enterprise Architecture in Action

shutterstock_146458190 As a result of EA’s mercurial nature, stress can exist for CIOs and agency IT leaders. Paula Ziehr, Reality Check contributor, suggests in regard to EA: “Just breathe…that is my advice when you are feeling the pressures … Just breathe – and start planning. That old adage ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ has never rung so true.” Ziehr stresses throughout “Enterprise Architecture: Just Breathe and Find the Time to Plan” the importance of planning and remaining calm throughout the EA development process.

Enterprise Architecture (EA), at its most basic, is a holistic approach to analytics, design, planning and implementation. Given the logistics involved in something as widespread as EA, it can be overwhelming as you try to determine where your focus will result in the highest value outcomes. However, with access to new resources and opportunities to strategize at conferences like the Enterprise Architecture East event, “EA Today: Making the Mission Possible,” hosted this week in D.C., agency IT leaders can get realigned on industry priorities in regard to EA. They can also look to gain expert tips from IT professionals to enable greater efficiency and mission fulfillment.

Enterprise Architecture East is an educational forum established to bring together enterprise architects, CIOs and other EA experts to collaborate and plan the best approach to EA, changes in IT and IT portfolio management. The conference website shares some top reasons to attend:

• The biggest names in EA are in attendance.
• Your colleagues know best.
• Immerse yourself in the most coveted enterprise architecture workshops.
• Professional development.
• Network with your peers.

And, if that isn’t enough, in addition to plenary sessions, there will also be expert luncheons and breakout sessions throughout the two-day event to further enlighten attendees. For example, Software AG Government Solutions is sponsoring an invitation only luncheon on October 7th to enable further training.

At the luncheon, attendees will hear from Arthur Smith, Enterprise Architect at Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Chris Steel from Software AG Government Solutions to learn how EA portfolio management technology can leverage collaboration to offer:

• Clear modeling conventions and definition of roles and respective responsibilities, such as who has the data ownership.
• Transparency and high quality of the overall business architecture, the underlying process models and their variants.
• Critical and reliable intelligence on an agency’s inventory of applications, projects, technologies and other elements that make up the IT portfolio.

In “Enterprise Architecture: Back to the Future,” Paula Ziehr explains that “The way research firms keep redefining what enterprise architecture is could give the impression that the most recent mutation is a completely new animal aimed at new problems that need solving.”

Newness and variability are the caveats to EA. It is ever changing and evolving. Don’t get left out in the cold. Register for Enterprise Architecture East today to get the latest information on EA and the tips you need to know to fulfill your agency’s priorities.

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