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Application Portfolio Management: A Necessity for Government IT Modernization

shutterstock_167192828There is strong buzz around a recent i360Gov press announcement titled, “Portfolio Management Survey Underscores Need for Greater Awareness.” The release highlights new data points from its recent 2015 ProofPoints survey on Application Portfolio Management (APM) within the Federal government. The survey results illustrate that while government IT is packed with innovation and change agents, there is much more to be done. In the survey, over 100 federal government executives weighed in on various elements of government IT decision making, with APM and its need for transparency and understanding at the forefront.

According to the report, even though respondents recognized the importance of APM, they also demonstrated a lack of basic knowledge concerning their applications with nearly 80% sharing they were also “unsure which legacy applications must be retired in the next two years.” Yet, despite waning confidence in several areas, over 80% of those surveyed also felt confident that they will, and are, delivering on the agency mission.

To combat some of these faltering steps within government IT, initiatives such as FITARA and Cloud First are fortunately in play. Yet, the report highlights government IT leaders should follow the innovators and make strides in establishing a more robust APM. The report goes on to share that with these four steps: 1. Establishing the right roles and processes, 2. Gathering the essential information, 3. Assessing portfolios from a mission-focused perspective, and 4. Presenting results to stakeholders – one can ensure their agency will succeed.

APM is a critical component to IT planning and overall modernization efforts.

Here are some of the key benefits to APM as outlined by i360’s ProofPoints survey:

• A single application inventory
• Transparency and impact analysis for lower project costs
• Analytic insight into SWOT inherent in current applications
• Redundancy and consolidation analysis
• Better agility and reduced IT risk
• Vital input to aid IT planning and governance

With the benefits listed above, it can only behoove government IT leaders to consider being more aggressive in their APM implementation. Jon Morton, i360Gov’s publisher shared about APM: “Understanding what and how your application portfolio functions is a critical first step in optimizing its performance and making sure it meets your agency’s needs. Knowledge of your portfolio helps an agency lower cost, mitigate risks and plan for the future.”

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