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Agile Application Development: A Must Have for Government CIOs

shutterstock_139410728IT systems always seem to get more unwieldly and complex the longer they’re in use, leaving government CIOs hampered in their drive to support the mission. These growing complexities result in the ever mounting need for swift application development within government IT.

Some common obstacles that slow application development include resource constraints, growing requirements in security, accessibility and analytics and overburdened IT systems.

To combat these obstacles, i360GOV is hosting a webinar, “Overcome Obstacles to Agile Application Development” on Wednesday, February 17th at 2pm Eastern. Presenters include Zahid Chaudhry, Branch Chief, Enterprise Application Development, Chief Information Office, U.S. Forest Service as well as Chris Steel, Chief Solutions Architect at Software AG Government Solutions. They will address the common challenges faced by agency IT leaders and explore solutions to help agencies overcome common obstacles to application development while reducing the time it takes to launch applications.

Ultimately, agency CIOs stand to benefit greatly from more streamlined and agile application development resulting in:

• A Lightweight framework
• Accelerated business delivery
• Workload flexibility
• An overall reduction in the risks commonly associated with software development

Additionally, agile application development can contribute to more overall system predictability which can mitigate the cost of applications, their development and eventual upgrades.

With the continued pressure that CIOs experience in regard to IT modernization, the benefits of agile development are becoming clear.

Don’t get left behind, view the “Overcome Obstacles to Agile Application Development” webinar today to ensure that your agency IT personnel are ready to innovate faster.


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